CS MANTECH Workshop 2018
The theme of this year’s workshop is “Big Data – Data Storage – Data Retrieval – Machine Learning”.

In recent months, we have read stories about data being the new oil, artificial intelligence being the new electricity, that robots may take away the jobs of engineers or even doctors.


We, the compound semiconductor community, must ask what this all means for our industry! Picture how much data has been collected when a product device is delivered to our customers. Of the many million product devices tested daily, it is not uncommon to test more than 1000 electrical parameters on each single one. This product is assembled not only from a compound semiconductor device, like a power amplifier, but also from SMD components, filters, switches and power controllers. Along with product test, we collect data on each component during its manufacturing like tool data, SPC data or electrical tests like PCM or die sort.


The amount of data collected calls for an efficient way of storing and retrieving.  In this workshop we will cover two commonly used philosophies of storing and retrieving, along with practical guidelines on querying the data each engineer must know.


The amount of data and the complexity of our product devices poses its challenges for data analysis, to solve yield problems and alike. One aspect of artificial intelligence is machine learning, which can clearly help in this scenario.  In the second section of the workshop we will introduce different machine learning techniques and their application in semiconductor manufacturing.  

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