Lifetime Estimation of Intrinsic Silicon Nitride MIM Capacitors in a GaN MMIC Process

Sefa Demirtas1, Jesus A. del Alamo1, Donald A. Gajewski2, Allen Hanson2

1Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 77 Massachusetts Ave. Cambridge, MA 02139 2Nitronex Corporation, 2305 Presidential Dr. Durham, NC 27703 Phone (617) 253-1620


Keywords: GaN MMIC, silicon nitride, MIM capacitor, ramped voltage stress, lifetime estimation


We have studied the reliability of intrinsic SiN MIM capacitors designed for 48 V and 125 0C operation and manufactured in a GaN process flow. It is shown that very small area capacitors (10um x 10um) with a dielectric thickness of 400nm exhibit lifetimes as long as 1.48E10 hours under such conditions.

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