TCAD Modeling and Simulation of a Field Plated GaN MOSFET for High Voltage Applications

K. Bothe1, M. Johnson2, D. Barlage1
1Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada,, (780) 492-4081
2Department of Materials Science and Engineering, University of North Carolina, Raleigh, USA

Keywords: GaN MOSFET, High Breakdown Voltage, Power MOSFETS


We have modelled a normally-off GaN MOSFET that has enhanced device characteristics over leading GaN HFET devices used in power electronics. The structures and dimensions of the GaN-based device were all achieved through simulation optimization. Our modeled device shows a maximum current density of 1.2 A/mm with an on-resistance of 6.15 Ω*mm. Including field plate structures sustained the MOSFET to a breakdown field of 400 V/um.

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