Note: “Gray” slots align with breaks; “white” slots are parallel with technical sessions.

Tuesday, May 23:

Time Session Tue.A
Desert Vista D
Session Tue.B
Desert Vista E
1:30-1:50 Wolfspeed: Wolfspeed Update, Chris Dimino
1:50-2:10 ePAK International: Challenges in Shipping GaAs and Special Substrate Wafers, Nik Tryer
2:10-2:30 II-VI Advanced Materials: SiC Substrate Market Demand Growth and Manufacturing Expansion Efforts at II-VI, Andy Souzis
2:30-2:45 Microtronic: Extend the life of your fab with a novel approach to macro defect management and excursion control, Errol Akomer Lehighton Electronics: Eddy Current & Contactless Hall measurements in one combined system, Danh Nguyen
2:45-3:00 Nanotronics: Leveraging Computer Vision, Machine Learning, & Artificial Intelligence to Assign Causality of Defects, Julie Orlando NuFlare Technology: NuFlare MOCVD/Epi Update, Itaru Fujiki
3:00-3:20 DISCO Hi-Tec: Disco’s Stealth Dicing Technology for III-V materials, Chris Mihai
3:20-3:40 EpiGaN: From Hype to reality: GaN/Si – Where Are We Today? Markus Behet
3:40-4:00 Revasum: Cost Effective SiC Wafer Processing, Sarah Okada
4:00-4:20 SPTS Technologies: Dry etching of AlN & AlScN piezoelectric films for bulk acoustic wave & related devices, Dave Thomas Canon USA: Canon Industrial Products Technology for Compound Semiconductor Applications, Doug Shelton
4:20-4:40 Evatec AG: Single compound target sputtering of Al(1-x)Sc(x)N films for high volume manufacturing on 200mm Si wafers, Dr. Reinhard Benz FRT of America: FRT Hybrid Metrology, Gary Williams
4:40-5:00 Materion: Development of High-Scandium Al-Sc Sputter Targets, Vitally Myasnikov, Matthew Komertz, and David van Heerden ClassOne Technology: Reduce Gold Usage, Kevin Witt
5:00-5:20 BISTel America: Fault Detection without Modeling, Joe Lee


Wednesday, May 24:

Time Session Wed.A
Desert Vista D
Session Wed.B
Desert Vista E
8:40-9:00 Proton OnSite: OnSite Production of UHP Grade Hydrogen for Semiconductor and Epitaxy Applications, Tom Skoczylas
9:00-9:20 SUMIKA: Compound Semiconductor Activities within Sumitomo Chemical, Ken Campman
9:20-9:40 Siconnex Customized Solutions: Siconnex BATCHSPRAY Technology for Etching, Cleaning and Resist Strip, Fabio Woerndl
9:40-9:55 Oxford Instruments: Deposition of ALD films for the use in Power Semiconductors, Robert Gunn ASAP Co.:  Single Treatment Automatic Liftoff system, Greg Mills
9:55-10:15 Matheson: Matheson Company Overview: MOCVD, Special gases, Filtration, and abatement presentation & raffle, Jeff Blouse, Lori Sanford, Junko Lindberg Center for Device Thermography and Reliability, University of Bristol:  A contactless, noninvasive technique for mapping thermal properties of heteroepitaxial wafers, Roland Simon
10:15-10:35 Plasma-Therm: Plasma-based processing solutions for sensitive devices, Thierry Lazerand
10:35-10:55 Toho Technology: Study of Deep Ultra Violet Optical Property of AlGaN/GaN 2DEG Heterostructures, Torsten Stoll
10:55-11:15 Pozetta: Efficient Reticle and Wafer Processing, Storage and Transport, Artemis Vasiliades
11:15-11:35 KLA-Tencor: Candela Defect Inspection Strategy for Compound Semiconductor and Power Electronics Markets, Anoop Somanchi


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