Tuesday Plenary:

Paul Fego, Qorvo

“Effectively Managing an Organization with a Diverse Technology Portfolio”

Paul Fego Bio

Mark Rosker, DARPA

“Next Revolution in Compound Semiconductor Materials”

Mark Rosker Bio

John Cowles, Analog Devices

“Mixed Technologies are the Key to the Next Generation of Phased Arrays for Commercial and Military Platforms”

John Cowles Bio

Drew Nelson, IQE



Wednesday Plenary (Optoelectronics):

Ranju Venables, Intel

“Silicon Photonics and Hybrid Silicon Laser Technology”

Ranju Venables Bio


Charles Li, PlayNitride

“Development of Transparent MicroLED Display”

Charles Li Bio

Thursday Plenary (WBG Power):

Dilder Chowdhury, Nexperia

“Power GaN devices with Cu clip technology for High voltage High power Automotive switching applications”

Dilder Chowdhury Bio

Noriyuki Iwamuro, University of Tsukuba

“Recent Progress of Power Semiconductor Devices and Expectation for GaN Power Devices”

Noriyuki Iwamuro Bio

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