2016 CS ManTech Workshop

RF for Device and Fab Engineers: Basic and Advanced Measurements, Device Modeling, Power Amplifier Design, and RF Packaging
Monday, May 16th

Workshop Schedule (PDF)

2016 Workshops

This year the CS ManTech workshop provides a well-rounded set of industry topics. The workshop is aimed at industry engineers, students, and suppliers looking to learn about processes, and anyone curious in the III-V device arena. This year's workshop consists of five segments led by experts in their respective domains.


The first workshop session focuses on the various types of III-V device manufacturing. Dr. Shiban Tiku from Skyworks Solutions in California will take us through GaAs FET, HEMT, GaAs HBT, BiFET, BiHEMT, InP, and GaN processes.


The second talk is on Non-amplifier GaN Applications by Dr. Robert Coffie, CEO of RLC Solutions. GaN-based high electron mobility transistors (HEMTs) have redefined solid-state RF high power amplifiers. Material and heterostructure characteristics of high breakdown field (>3 MV/cm), high mobility (>2000 cm2/V-s), high saturation velocity (>107 cm/s), and high channel charge density (~1013/cm2) have resulted in record setting power densities in a range of frequencies from S-band to W-band. These same material/heterostructure properties also translate into improved performance for other applications outside of RF amplifiers. In this section of the workshop, the advantages of GaN-based RF switches and GaN-based high voltage power switching devices over existing technologies will be discussed.


The third speaker, Dr. Samuel Graham from Georgia Institute of Technology. Dr. Graham's research focuses on the fabrication, packaging, and reliability of electronic devices. In this workshop session, "When Things Get Hot: Thermal Characterization of Electronics", Dr. Graham will discuss the importance of thermal metrology, junction temperature measurement techniques, thermal interfacial resistance, and system level measurements.


The forth workshop topic is Heterogeneous Integration. Industry expert Dr. Augusto Gutierrez-Aitken gives this talk from Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems (NGAS). The requirements for future systems are increasingly demanding not only from the point of view of performance, but also from size, weight, power and cost. This translates into the need for advanced integration of additional complexity and performance of electronic functions into smaller volumes. It is no longer enough to use one single semiconductor technology. Integration of several high performance CS technologies enables even higher performance of the microelectronics in an efficient and cost effective way. NGAS under the Diverse Accessible Heterojunction Integration (DAHI) DARPA program is developing heterogeneous integration processes and design kits to integrate submicron CMOS, InP HBT, GaN HEMT and high-Q passive technologies for advanced DoD and other government systems.


The final workshop topic wraps up the day with III-V Wafer Level Packaging. Dr. Dino Ferizovic of Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems in California gives this talk. The focus of this workshop presentation is on wafer level vertical integration and packaging of III-V active and passive technologies for microwave applications. Trade-offs in performance, size, weight, and cost benefits between traditional integrated microwave assemblies (IMA) and III-V wafer level packaging (WLP) will be explored. The discussion will also include details on the integration and intra-cavity interconnect (ICIC) processes and will be followed by an overview and examples of III-V WLP designs and technologies. In addition, the impact of thermal fatigue, environmental exposure, and mechanical stresses on the reliability of WLP technologies will be considered.