P A P E R    T I T L E
Status and Application of Advanced Semiconductor Technologies

A U T H O R  /  C R E D I T S
R. Hadaway, R. Surridge, Y. Greshishchev, P. Schvan, S. Voinigescu, and T. MacElwee
Nortel Networks, Ottawa, Canada

GaAs HBT technology is being challenged for existing and new product applications. SiC FETs and GaN HEMTs have been shown to have significant power delivery advan-tage when large supply voltages are required. InP HBTs are emerging as the next technology for very high-speed appli-cations. After years of promise and controversy, the SiGe HBT is beginning to be applied in high-performance sys-tems. Part of this success is due to an improved under-standing of on-chip silicon-based passive components and isolation capability. As an example, a 10GB/s limiting am-plifier is described. Although one is forced to acknowledge that silicon-based design is now capable of very high-speed performance, it is important to recognize GaAs HBTs con-tinue to dominate extended-voltage / power applications. There are many examples of this in the wireless area. A 5V GaAs modulator driver chip is provided as an example in this paper. At this time there are numerous potential GaAs HBT challengers, however, only SiGe HBT's appear ready for large volume, cost competitive deployment in both bi-polar and BiCMOS variants.