RF-LDMOS: A Silicon-Based, High Power, High Efficiency Linear Power Amplified Technology

W.R. Burger, E. Agyekum, O. Ayoola, G. Bouisse, W. Brakensiek, H. Brech, B. Davidson, C. Dragon, G. Formicone, G. Funk, E. Krvavac, D. Lamey, W.W. Lau, G. Ma, B. Pryor, X. Ren
Wireless Infrastructure Systmes Division
Semiconductor Products Sector, Motorola, Inc.
2100 E. Elliot Road, Tempe, AZ  95284

RF-LDMOS is a leading device technology for high power, high efficiency linear RF power amplifiers.  The versatility of this technology is highlighted in three applications: 1) a 28V, 220W P3dB push-pull device designed for Wideband CDMA; 2) a 26V, 10W RF-LDMOS multi-stage integrated power amplifier (IPA) for the 900MHz GSM market; and 3) a new 50V RF-LDMOS platform for the broadcast and cellular infrastructure markets.  In addition to its excellent linearity and efficiency, the 220W transistor is, to our knowledge, the highest power Si device ever reported for the 2GHz cellular market.




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