Integration of GaAs MMIC Technology in Commercial mm-Wave SATCOM and LMDS Transceivers

Roberto Alm, Ph.D.
Raytheon RF Components, 362 Lowell St., Andover, Massachusetts 01810

This paper describes the key role that GaAs MMIC devices are playing in the development of cost-effective front-end components for mm-Wave Satellite Communications (SATCOM) ground terminal equipment, terrestrial LMDS and point-to-point / point-to-multi-point distribution systems.  We present an overview of the development of two specific examples.  The first is a MMIC based 19/29 GHz dual-channel transceiver for terrestrial or ground-terminal applications, and the second demonstrates how GaAs MMIC devices form the heart of a 2-Watt, 29 GHz transmit module for a specific SATCOM system currently being deployed throughout Europe.



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