MOVPE Grown Metamorphic HEMT Expitaxial Wafers

T. Tanaka, T. Hashimoto, M. Washima, and H. Sakaguchi
Advanced Research Center, Kitachi Cable, Ltd., 3500 Kidamari, Tuschiura, 300-0026, Japan
Y. Otoki
Hitaka Works, Hitachi Cable, Ltd., 5-1-1 Hitaka-cho, Hitachi, 319-1414, Japan

A feasibility study was performed on the MOVPE growth of In0.36Ga0.64As channel M-HEMT epitaxial wafers, which are expected to realize low production costs of high-power and low-noise applications for millimeter and microwave frequency devices.  AFM images showed satisfactory morphology of the metamorphic In0.35Al0.65As buffer layers and TEM cross sectional views revealed flat interfaces and uniform layer thickness throughout the In0.35Al0.65AS/In0.36Ga0.64As hetero-structures.  The resistivity in the metamorphic In0.35Al0.65As buffer was no less than 108 Wcm and Hall mobility in the In0.36Ga0.64As channel was 8,300cm2/Vs, which is comparable with that of MBE-grown M-HEMT wafers.  These results clearly indicate the MOVPE-grown M-HEMT expitaxial wafers have the correct characteristics to be a viable new material for high-speed circuit devices.




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