Performance and Reliability of an Advanced Production GaAs HBT Process Technology

 F.M. Yamada, A.K. Oki, D.C. Streit, B.L. Hikin, E.N. Kaneshire, M.D. Lammert, L.T. Tran, T.R. Block, P.C. Grossman, J.r. Scarpulla, A.L. Guitierrez-Aiken
TRW Inc., Electronics & Technology Division, One Space Park D1/1050, Redondo Beach, CA  90278

We report on a highly reliable production 1mm GaAs/AlGaAs Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor (HB) process technology.  Our new advanced technology features HBTs with thinner Be-doped base layer, smaller emitter dimensions and higher current density operation than our current production process.  Multi-temperature, multi-lot constant stress lifetest projects a median-time-to-failure (MTF) of >108 hours for discrete components and for a higher complexity standard evaluation circuit (Sec) implemented in this technology.  Discrete HBTs, Schottky diodes, NiCr and CerMet thin-film resistors have been evaluated at the component level.  In addition to reliability performance, the DC and RF characteristics of our advanced HBTs are highlighted.




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