Process Development on 0.1-mm Gat E/D MESFETs with fT and fmax> 100 GHz Using Direct Ion Implantation for Low Power IC Applications

Z. Tang, H. Hsia, D. Becher, D. Caruth, M. Feng
Microelectronics Laboratory, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Illinois, Urbana, IL  61801

In this paper, the DC and RF characteristics of 0.12-mm gate E/D mode MESFETs have been presented.  An fT of 109 GHz and fmax of 126 GHz was achieved on E-mode MESFET and fT of  105 GHz and fmax of 141 GHz on D-mode MESFET.  This is the first reported E-mode GaAs MESFET  using direct ion-implantation for fT over 100 GHz.




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