Utilization of Design of Experiments Combined with Technical Knowledge to Increase Manufacturability of a HIGFET Device

Eugene Huang and Mark R. Wilson
Motorola Semiconductor Products Sector
Compound Semiconductor One: CS-1
2100 E. Elliot Rd., Mail Drop EL609. Tempe, AZ  85284

Motorola has demonstrated a true enhancement heterostructure insulated-gate FET device (HIGFET).  While transferring this technology to production, it became clear that several manufacturing issues needed to be resolved.  One major obstacle was to increase breakdown voltage with repeatable results without sacrificing RF performance.  Through SILVACO simulation software, it became clear that only the tail of the implant profile was residing in the channel region of the device, which resulted in a highly variable region of operation.  Based on these results, several process areas were investigated.  When attacking these elements independently or even two at a time, the goal of higher and more repeatable breakdown voltage was not achieved.  As a result, a design of experiments (DOE) methodology was employed.  The outcome was superior device performance.




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