GaN Electronic Devices for Microwave Power Applications

S.C. Binair, K. Ikossi-Anastasiou, J.A. Roussos, D. Park, D.D. Koleske, A.E. Wickenden, R.L. Henry

The dc, small-signal, and microwave power output characteristics of AlGaN/GaN HEMTs are presented.  HEMTs with maximum drain current greater than 1 A/mm, gate-drain breakdown over 80V, and fT of 30 GHz for a 4.0 mm gate have been demonstrated.  Trapping effects, related to both surface and buffer layers, that limit device power performance are discussed.  At 3.8 GHz, a CW power density of 3.1 W/mm and a pulsed power density of 5.9 W/mm have been achieved.




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