High Performance Metamorphic HEMTs on 100-mm gaAs Substrate

M. Kao, E.a. Beam III, M. Muir, P. Saunier, H. Tserng, W.R. Frensley*
Triquint Semiconductor
P.O. Box 833938, Richardson, Texas  75083-3938
*University of Texas at Dallas, Richardson, Texas  75083-0688

We report the development of Metamorphic HEMTs (MHEMTs) with 43 to 63% InAs mole fraction channels on 100-mm GaAs substrates.  A MHEMT with a 0.15mm gate length and a composite channel of In0.63GaAs and In0.53Ga0.47As yielded an extrapolated fT of 150GHz at a drain bias of 1.5 volts.  Furthermore, excellent noise performance was achieved on devices from several 100-mm MHEMT wafers.  At 26 GHz, a noise figure of 0.73dB with an associated gain of 12.6dB was measured on a 100-mm wide MHEMT with an In0.43Ga0.57As channel.  This is the first report of MHEMTs fabricated on 100-mm substrates.  To our knowledge, these results also represent the best noise performance yet reported for MHEMTs at this frequency band.




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