Riding the Wireless Wave With 150mm GaAs Manufacturing

M.R. Wilson, K. Adams, E. Huang

Motorola Semiconductor Products Sector - CS1 Manufacturing Facility
2100 East Elliot Road, MD EL-609, Tempe AZ  85284

The explosion in wireless handheld communications devices evidenced by a nearly 50% compounded growth rate of GaAs RF semiconductor component demand has placed a severe strain on wafer manufacturing capacity worldwide for MESFET, pHEMT, and HBT technologies.  At the same time, participation in consumer markets results in extreme pressure from handset equipment manufacturers for continual cost reduction of these semiconductor components.  As a result of these two factors, the need for high volume 150mm GaAs manufacturing lines has become acutely evident.  To fulfill this need, Motorola has begun conversion of its GaAs facility, CS1, into 150mm wafer size.  This paper will describe the conversion strategy, GaAs substrate evaluation, process characterization methodology, and 150mm product results during the conversion.




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