InGaP Makes HBT Reliability a Non-Issue
Aditya Gupta, Alex Young and Burhan Bayraktaroglu ANADIGICS, Inc
Among the many benefits InGaP brought to the GaAs-based heterojunction bipolar transistor (HBT) over the last few years, nothing is more profound than the drastic improvement it provided in the long-term reliability. Today, it is relatively common to obtain activation energies higher than 1.5eV with InGaP HBTs operating under bias and temperature conditions suitable for modern telecommunication applications. This significant improvement in reliability coupled with excellent fabrication control afforded by selective etching has made InGaP HBT the prime choice for large volume fabrication of cellular phone power amplifiers. All new HBT fabrication facilities around the world today either have or plan to have 6-inch InGaP HBT wafers as their only choice for power amplifiers.