Progress in GaAs-Based Metamorphic Technology
W.E. Hoke, C.S. Whelan, P.F. Marsh, P.J Lemonias, P.S. Lyman, S. M. Lardizabal, R.E. Leoni, T.E. Kazior, A. Torabi
Raytheon RF Components

J.-H. Jang, D.C. Dumka, I. Adesida, K.L. Chang, K.C. Hsieh
Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Microelectronics Laboratory, Univ. of Ill.
Rapid progress is being made in the application of metamorphic growth technology to various device structures. In this work, the material quality of metamorphic structures grown on GaAs substrates is examined as well as recent results for metamorphic HEMTs, PIN diodes, and HBTs.