Orientation Dependent Characteristics of Recessed-Gate InGaAs/AlGaAs HEMTs

Tomoyuki Ohshima,Masaaki Yoshida, Ryoji Shigemasa, Masanori Tsunotani and Tamotsu Kimura
III-V Devices Department,Components Division Oki Electric Industry

he effect of the gate orientation for pseudomorphic InGaAs/AlGaAs HEMTs with recessed-gate structure has been investigated.The short channel effect strongly depends on the gate orientation and is significant in the order of [0-11],[001] and [0-1-1] oriented devices. Such orientation dependence results from a difference of the side-etching length affected by the crystal orientation. The electrical characteristics of HEMTs such BVgd,gm and fT also depend on the gate orientation because of a difference of the recessed shape.