The Development of a Custom, Paperless Shop Floor Control System for Efficient Manufacturing

Marc Sherwin, Jason Moore, Jeff Hladek, Mike Roberts

To gain manufacturing efficiencies and reduce manual overhead in our production control cycle, M/A-COM Fab II has developed a custom shop floor control system to manage wafer production. Derived and extended from our previously developed post-fab WIP system, the new fab system realizes significant labor and paper savings. The primary goal of this work was to integrate inefficient, disparate systems that controlled documents, lot recipes, lot WIP, discrepancy reporting and equipment maintenance while developing a low maintenance MES system.

Major improvements have included automatic presentation of temporary or permanent document changes to the operators by events triggered by lot movement in the production system, negating the need to manually distribute document change notices throughout the facility. The equipment PM system allows tracking of numerous PM events for each piece of equipment by either time or wafer count, which allows for better matching between wafer volume demands and routine maintenance.

Given past experience with other systems, strong focus was put on developing a system with an efficient user interface and minimal system maintenance requirements. We are experiencing significant time savings through out the fab; as an example, many production control jobs that used to take 30 minutes now take less than 1 minute.