Systematics and Key Performance Indicators to Control a GaAs Volume Production

Dieter Baur, Wolfgang Nagel and Otto Berger
Infineon Technologies AG

The steep increase in demand for GaAs devices has pushed the manufacturing fabs to high volume production. New 6" fabs have already been build in the past few years and further plan for transfer from 4" to 6" production are publicized. A few of these completed transfers have already been presented in the last years on MANTECH Conferences.

In this paper we want to describe how the Infineon AG 6" fab is controlling the various aspects of volume production. The method applied here is fully embedded in the systematics used for all the Infineon wafer fabrication and backend assembly sites. These cover highest volume DRAM fabrication on 200 and 300mm wafer, logic products, bipolar, BICMOS Ics, Silicon Discretes and GaAs devices. The number of masks required for these products range from 3 for diodes up to 35 for BICMOS.

The systematics derived here is based on measures that are derived from production and commercial data in the fabs to agreed methods. The basic data is supplied by an automated process out of the fabs and stored in a central Data WareHouse. With these standardized production performance indicators the tracking of goal fulfillment is possible so that the trend is not influenced by the way of calculation of the performance indicators.

These measures give the change to the management to control, improve and optimize the fab performances on certain strategies required for the business.