"Overall Resource Effectiveness" the Key for Cycle Time Reduction & Capacity Improvements
Oded Tal
MAX International Engineering Group - Operational Innovation
The prevalent concept of cycle time and capacity relationship is that they are mutually exclusive as demonstrated by "Little's law". We are in no way undermining this relationship but have come to realize that for most fabs the utilization levels are just too low for the formula to work. The key is not just equipment utilization but improving overall resource effectiveness. ORE is broken into three major components: Equipment, Human Resource, and Infrastructure. Measuring these components will allow us to break form the formula. To correctly measure ORE we suggest performing a focused study. Careful preparation and meticulous execution will create the basis for implementation. Understanding the constraint resources, their behavior and interrelations will give us the power to improve them. Improving the constraint tools in a typical GaAs fab will allow you to double capacity and reduce cycle time significantly.