Trends in Microsystems for Information Technologies

R. F. Leheny, Director
Microsystems Technology Office
Defense advance Research Projects Agency

Microsystems are key enablers for creating advance information systems critical for both military and commercial applications. Information systems are characterized by being able to see further, with greater clarity, and with the ability to communicate critical information in a timely manner. Creation of such systems translates into achieving performance goals for components including; creating highly capable sensors; extracting useful signals from background clutter, system noise, and interfering signals; realizing assured high performance communications links; and converting complex "data" into actionable "information" in near real time.

In this paper I would like to provide an overview of DARPA's Microsystems Technology Office's programs supporting information system superiority in the context of our three principal technology thrusts - Electronics, Micro Electro Mechanical Systems, or MEMS, Photonics, and what we view as a principal challenge, the integration of these technologies to create chip-scale microsystems.