Large Diameter M-HEMT & InP-HEMT Epiwafers Grown in Multicharge MOVPE Reactors

Takeshi Tanaka, Tatsushi Hashimoto, Mineo Washima & Yohei Otoki
Advanced Research Center (ARC)
Hitachi Cable, Ltd.

Large diameter M-HEMT and InP-HEMT epitaxial wafers were fabricated in a lately installed Hitachi Cable's MOVPE reactor that was outfitted with mass production capability(8x4"or5x6").M-HEMT structure was combined with In0.15Ga0.85P layer, which had the same lattice constant with In0.36Ga0.64As channel and could be used for etch stop and/or surface passivation. Both of the M-HEMT and InP-HEMT wafers showed reasonable performance with abrupt etching selectivity, which will simplify device fabrication processed and realize high yield rates. Excellent uniformity overall the substrates was also achieved by optimizing atmospheres inside the reactor. These wafers will satisfactorymeetthedemandsinthenextgenerationlownoise and high power RF devices for wireless application and opto-electronic communication markets.