A Very High Performance, High Yield, and High Throughput Millimeter Wave Power pHEMT Process Technology

K. Alavi, D. Shaw, A. Platzker, B. Rizzi* , S. Ogut, R. Puente
Raytheon RF Components Company
* Tycoelectronics MA/COM Lowell

A high performance, high yield, and high throughput millimeter-wave, Q band, power pHEMT process technology has been developed. It utilizes double recess, selective etch, optimized expitaxial layer structure, individually grounded source via holes, and a hybrid Tee-gate. Linear power amplifiers (37-40 GHz) with small signal gain of 18±1 dB, saturated output power of 30.5 dBm, DC yield >50%, and RF Yield ~100% are being shipped in commercial quantities. Q bands power amplifiers (43.5-45.5 GHz) with average output power, across the band, of ~2W, small signal gain of 18 dB, and power added efficiency of >22% are produced for internal use. The dependence of yield and RF performance on process parameters is discussed.