A Single Threshold Double Recessed pHEMT Process for Economical Fabrication of High Performance Power Amplifiers and Low Noise Amplifiers at X-Band

K. Alavi, B. Rizzi1, Dain Miller2, S. Ogut
A. Bertrand, K. Kessler, F. Fay, C. Laighton, A. Bielunis
Raytheon RF Components Company
1 Tyco-electronics, MA/COM Lowell
2 Tyco-electronics, MA/COM Roanoke

The integration of power and low noise amplifiers on a single chip offers the opportunity to achieve low T/R module cost through reduction in module size and decrease of MMIC die count. A 0.25µm Tee-gate, double recessed InGaAs/AlGaAs pHEMT process with excellent power and low noise performance has been developed. Both high power and low noise amplifier MMIC circuits have been fabricated using this process. The measured performance is presented and the impact of the epitaxial layer structure and device geometry upon circuit performance is discussed.