Low Frequency and Microwave Noise Characteristics of GaN and GaAs-based HFETs

J. Deng, T. Werner, M. S. Shur, R. Gaska**, Asif Khan*
G. Simin*, and J. W. Yang*
CII 9015, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
*Department of Electrical Engineering, University of South Carolina ** Also with Sensor Electronic Technology

In this paper, we compare the low frequency and microwave noise characteristics of GaAs-based transistors and emerging GaN-based devices. At this time, GaAs transistors can achieve up to now smaller noise figures than GaN HFETs, but the optimum bias condition for lowest noise is found for a lower drain voltage as for the analyzed GaN devices. The resulting higher gain can have a positive impact on the overall performance of the system noise figure. We also studied the 1/f noise of the GaN transistors. No correlation between the microwave noise and the flicker noise was found, which indicates that the two noise types have different origins and can thus be linked to two uncorrelated noise mechanisms.