Power GaN-based Microwave Devices for Wireless Communications

P. Parikh1, Y. Wu1, N. Zhang1, P. Chavarkar1, M. Moore1
U. Mishra1, W. Pribble2, J. Palmour2, L. Kehias3 , T. Jenkins3
1 Cree Lighting Co.     2 Cree Inc.
3 Air Force Research Laboratory, Wright Patterson Air-Force Base

Gallium Nitride (GaN) based HEMTs have the potential for being the highest performance power compound semiconductor microwave transistors. In this paper, we review the performance and present results on device scaling for the AlGaN-GaN HEMTs. In particular, 1 and 2mm wide HEMTs resulted in 8.5W and 14.5W output power respectively at X-band with close to 40% power added efficiency.