Optimizing Light Emission from Nitride Quantum Wells

Paul M. Sweeney, C. M. Harder, M. C. Cheung, A. N. Cartwright
Department of Electrical Engineering and Laboratory of Applied Spectroscopic Evaluation

David P. Bour*, Michael Kneissl
Xerox-Palo Alto Research Center, Electronic Materials Laboratory

Frederick H. Long
Litton Airtron

M. E. Aumer, S. F. LeBoeuf, and S. M. Bedair
North Carolina State University, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
*Now at LumiLeds

Time resolved and CW excitation dependent photoluminescence measurements of InGaN and AlInGaN quantum wells are presented. Contributions of piezoelectricity, phase segregation, and spontaneous polarization on the emission efficiency of III-N heterostructures are discussed.