InP HBT Production Process

A. Gutierrez-Aitken, A. K. Oki, D. Sawdai, E. Kaneshiro
P.C. Grossman, W. Kim, G. Leslie, T. Block, M. Wojtowicz
P. Chin, F. Yamada, D.C. Streit
TRW Inc, Space & Electronics Group

The need for higher performance electronics for space and defense applications has driven the development of InP heterojunction technologies. For the past 10 years, TRW has been developing InP HBT and HEMT technologies for mission critical applications [1 - 3]. Consistent and continuous improvements in the basic MBE structure and process technology have enhanced device and circuit performance, producibility, and reliability such that InP is being successfully used for many space and defense applications. At TRW we have established an InP HBT high yield and manufacturable production process. The production capability of InP technologies is dependent on three core capabilities: stable epitaxial material, stable frontside process, and stable backside process.