High Density Plasma Etch Processes for the Manufacture of Optoelectronic Devices based on InP

D J Thomas, K Powell, M M Bourke, Y P Song & C Fragos
Trikon Technologies, Ltd.

F R Shepherd & D Ducharme
Nortel Networks

This paper describes the use of high density plasma etch systems for the fabrication of long wavelength optoelectronic devices based on InP. In particular it is shown that the combination of a high density inductively coupled plasma (ICP) and a high temperature electro-static chuck (ESC) may be used for both shallow optical waveguides and for deep optical mirrors in InP-based epitaxial layers. It is also shown that a very high density magnetic zero resonant induction (M0RITM) plasma at lower temperatures offers the flexibility and control required for hard-mask open and sidewall 'spacer' etch processes involving dielectric materials.