A Non-Self Aligned InP HBT Production Process


Mike Sun, Juntao Hu, Wu-Jing Ho, Gary Hu, Jiang Li, Vicki Weng, Wei-Ming Xu,

June Nguyen, Chang-Hwang Hua and Ding Day

Alpha Industries, Inc., Sunnyvale Operations, 1230 Bordeaux Drive, Sunnyvale, CA 94089

E-mail: msun@alphaind.com, Phone: (408)-734-9888




An InP DHBT process technology implementing developed and characterized in a high volume 4-inch wafer production line. This HBT technology utilizes non-self aligned emitter and base contacts, InP emitter, selective etch stop layers and optimized base-collector junction grading profile for enhanced manufacturability and performance. The availability of high quality and stable InP-based commercial epitaxial materials has greatly shortened the process development time. Our InP DHBTs exhibit very low knee voltage of 0.5V at 100 kA/cm 2 with peak ft= 160 GHz and peak fmax of 190GHz. A SPICE-like large signal model is also discussed in this paper. Following the successful pattern of its GaAs HBT counterpart, we believe a low cost, high yield and manufacturable 4-inch InP HBT production will become a reality soon.



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