Accelerated Reliability Testing of InGaP/GaAs HBTs


Bob Surridge, Jeff Law, Brian Oliver, Wojciech Pakulski, Heidi Strackholder, Michel Abou-Khalil and

Guy Bonneville

Nortel Networks Optical Components, 3500 Carling Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K2K8E9




Although InGaP/GaAs HBTs are usually reliable devices, their reliability can be compromised by processing or epitaxial material issues. Here we describe a number of techniques for determining the reliability of HBTs at accelerated rates compared with the normal three- temperature method. Some of these techniques show great promise for the rapid assessment of lifetime, which is especially useful for routine qualification of devices and for the rapid assessment of the suitability of processing or epitaxial material changes. Examples are chosen from epitaxial materials with both good and bad reliability.  



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