2 nd Generation Device Modeling for MMIC Design & Manufacturability


R. Tsai, M. Nishimoto, W. Akiyama, J. Chang, D. Ko, A. Schiaroli, R. To, L. Tran, M. Truong,

K.H. Yen, and R. Lai

TRW, Inc., Redondo Beach, CA 90278

Tel: (310) 812-8254, Fax: (310) 813-0418, Email: roger.tsai@trw.com




We have developed a revolutionary “Second-Generation” (2G) device modeling strategy for the efficient implementation of complete, CAD-ready MMIC design kits. 2G models transcend conventional “black-box” device-modeling approaches by including the Physics-based and distributed nature of real devices through the use of a Semi-Physical/Semi-Distributed modeling method. We have successfully deployed 2G model-based design kits for TRW’s sub-micron GaAs and InP HEMT MMIC product lines. These design kits have enabled accurate microwave/millimeter-wave IC design up to 200 GHz while providing full support of advanced design-for-manufacturability capabilities for MMIC RF yield prediction.



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