New Manufacturing Concepts for Ultra-Thin Silicon and Gallium Arsenide Substrates

K. Bock, M. Bleier, O. Köthe, C. Landesberger

Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Microintegration IZM-M, Munich branch of the institute,

Hansastraße 27 d, 80686 Munich, Germany

e-mail: , phone +49 89 54759-506


Keywords: Thin wafer technology, Dicing-by-Thinning, reversible bonding technique, electrostatic carrier substrate, “Smart Carrier”



The paper reports on new manufacturing concepts for handling and processing of thin semiconductor substrates. Technologies which were formerly demonstrated for silicon wafers were recently transferred to GaAs substrates and are presented in this paper. As a result of the development work the feasibility for preparing 20 µm thin GaAs wafers showing mechanical flexibility is proven. Due to the application of “Dicing-by-Thinning” concept micro defects at the edges of ultra thin GaAs chips are practically eliminated. Furthermore a new wafer support technique is proposed: “Smart Carriers” use electrostatically activated carrier plates for temporary bonding of device and support substrates. Their first applications for handling and processing of thin GaAs wafers are presented in the paper.



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