Optimization of Metal Adhesion for GaAs Backside Wafer Processing

Terry Daly, Jason Fender, Bob Duffin, Mike Kottke

Compound Semiconductor-1 Motorola, Inc.

2100 E. Elliot Rd. MD EL609, Tempe, AZ 85284

Phone: 480-413-5029, email: rp5060@email.sps.mot.com


Keywords: metal, adhesion, backside processing



Through use of analytical techniques and process monitors, we have studied metal adhesion to the wafer backside following through-substrate via processing. It was discovered that metal adhesion could be controlled by GaAs surface preparation with wet chemistry, RF pre-metal deposition sputter etch, and target crystallinity due to sputter power. Our results are based on Auger electron spectroscopy, optical reflectometry, atomic force microscopy, x-ray pole figures, and a test we developed to evaluate practical work of adhesion.



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