The Emergence of SiGe:C HBT Technology for RF Applications

V. Ilderem, S.G. Thomas, J.P. John, S. Wipf, D. Zupac, H. Rueda, F. Chai, R. Reuter*, J. Kirchgessner, J.

Teplik, P. Wennekers*, T. Baker, M. Clifford, J. Griffiths, M. Tawney, M. McCombs

Digital DNA TM Laboratories, Semiconductor Products Sector, *EMEA-Berlin, Motorola Inc,

2100 E. Elliot Rd, MD: EL741, Tempe, AZ, 85284. Phone: (480) 413-3612, Fax: (480) 413-7918,




In this paper we discuss the design of SiGe:C Heterojunction Bipolar Transistors for RF/IF applications on Motorola’s 0.35 µm and 0.18 µm BiCMOS platforms. High performance devices reaching fT/fMAX up to 120GHz/125GHz will be described. Additionally, high breakdown voltage devices for power amplifier applications are available having BVCEO > 5V.



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