In-Line Defectivity Methodology for a GaAs Manufacturing Facility

Jan Campbell, Karen Lenaburg, Niki Liggins

Motorola, Semiconductor Product Sector

Compound Semiconductor One, CS-1

2100 Elliot Rd, MD EL609, Tempe, AZ 85284

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Yield management based on in-line defect inspections must be implemented in order to be successful in a modern semiconductor manufacturing facility. This includes collecting large amounts of data that must be analyzed and maintained. Most fabrication facilities employ some form of defect inspection. Although often thought of as “non value” added inspections, a sampling plan must be realistic, provide meaningful data, and a mechanism for yield improvement. It is important to implement advance methods in defectivity and yield correlation to identify and address defects that result in yield excursions. This paper presents the implementation of a methodology that has resulted in increased yields and the reduction of yield excursions.



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