Root Cause Analysis and Reduction of Off-State Leakage Current to Increase Manufacturability of a HIGFET Device

J. Hughes, E. Huang, J. Apibunyopas, C. Della-Morrow, T. Nilsson, M. Coe

Motorola Semiconductor Products Sector

Compound Semiconductor One: CS-1

2100 E. Elliot Rd, Mail Drop EL-609 Tempe, AZ 85284

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Keywords:   RF MEMS, Switch, Stiction, Reliability



This paper will discuss the analysis and reduction of off-state leakage current on an enhancement mode hetero-structure insulated-gate FET device (EMODE). Due to the strict requirements for RF enabled devices, Off-state Drain to Source leakage (IDSOFF) was identified as a critical parameter during “the ramp phase” of this technology. This paper will address containment actions to minimize off-state leakage, key correlations of electrical parameters to off-state leakage, and characterization and experimental results of process modules affecting leakage.



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