Use of Re-etched and Re-polished Epi-wafers for MBE Calibration Substrates

J. Lowmaster, R. Pelzel, M. Dydyk, D. Green

IQE, Inc., 119 Technology Drive, Bethlehem, PA 18015, USA (610) 861-6930


Keywords:   GaAs manufacturing, GaAs ICs, Epi-wafers, MBE, Reclaim, Repolish etched substrates are suitable for “internal” reactor calibration runs such as, doping calibrations, growth rate calibrations, and bringing a reactor back on-line after a maintenance cycle.


Abstract:  Re-polished and re-etched 100mm SI GaAs Epi-wafers have been studied to determine their usefulness as MBE reactor calibration substrates in place of prime wafers.



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