Commercial Production of Large Diameter InP-HBT Epiwafers by MBE

D. I. Lubyshev, K. Teker, O. Malis, Y. Wu, J. M. Fastenau,

X.-M. Fang, C. Doss, A. B. Cornfeld, and W. K. Liu

IQE Inc., 119 Technology Drive, Bethlehem, PA 18015, USA

Phone: 610-861-6930, E-mail:


Keywords: InP-HBT, MBE, 150 mm InP substrates, InP/GaAsSb HBT, MHBT



InP-HBTs continue to demonstrate excellent performance in high-speed applications. We present epiwafer control and reproducibility of InP-HBT production on multi-wafer MBE reactors for standard InP substrates up to 100 mm diameters.  Next-generation products will also be discussed, including growth of alternate GaAsSb-base structures, metamorphic HBTs, and evaluation of recently available 150 mm InP



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