Wafer-Level Assembly of Heterogeneous Technologies

J.-Q. Lu, A. Jindal, P.D. Persans, T.S. Cale, and R.J. Gutmann

Interconnect Focus Center: Interconnections for Gigascale Integration,

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY; luj@rpi.edu, (518) 276-2909


Keywords: Wafer-level hyper-integration, wafer bonding, GaAs- and InP-Si integration, electronic and photonic packaging



A technology platform demonstrating wafer-level assembly of heterogeneous technologies based upon vertical wafer stacking is described. This platform offers the potential for low-cost assembly of various compound semiconductor circuits with silicon ICs for wide bandwidth optoelectronic and space-conservative packaging applications. Process development results obtained to date are presented, and approaches to heterogeneous integration using this novel technology platform are outlined.



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