Refractory Gate Metallization Characterization for HIGFET Power Amplifiers

James Cotronakis, Thomas Nilsson

Motorola Compound Semiconductor One: CS-1

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Keywords: TiWN, Stress, Bulk Resistance, Chamber Conditioning, Off-State Leakage, DOE



HIGFET or Enhancement Mode Off-State Leakage (Ioff) unit probe specification was tightened significantly in early 2002 for a wireless telephone platform, causing a need for additional characterization of related process modules. Results of an effort to further characterize the E-mode gate metallization process and its effects on Ioff are reported. Effects of controlled process inputs and uncontrolled deposition system parameters on key film and device electrical parameters, including Ioff, are analyzed. Moreover, efforts to eliminate gate metal de-lamination are presented. All these efforts resulted in a reduction in variation of up to 35% (wafer-to-wafer) for several film and device electrical parameters.



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