The Study of Dendrites Formation Mechanism to Enhance Gold Plating Process Yield, Throughput, and Solution Lifetime

S.J. Huang, H.C. Chou, T.C. Lee, B. Lin, D.W. Tu, P.C. Chao, and C.S. Wu

WIN Semiconductors Corporation

No.69, Technology 7th Rd., Kuei Shan Hsiang, Tao Yuan Shien, Taiwan 333




Two factors, Au content of the plating bath and the duty cycle ratio of pulse plating, were studied to improve the dendrite phenomenon of backside Au plating process. Dendrites formation shortens the bath lifetime, and has a potential risk of yield loss at the subsequent process steps. Dendrite phenomenon was improved significantly and effectively with a higher duty cycle ratio, and could be eliminated completely by DC plating.



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