High Speed 0.18m Ion-implanted GaAs MESFET Process with High Uniformity & Excellent Reproducibility

D. Fukushi, M. Watanabe and S. Nakajima

Optoelectronics R&D Laboratories, Sumitomo Electric Ind., Ltd.

1, Taya-cho, Sakae-ku, Yokohama, 244-8588 Japan,

Phone: +81-45-853-7266, Fax: +81-45-853-1291, E-mail: dfukushi@sei.co.jp


Keywords: Ion- implantation, MESFET, fT, Vth, uniformity, reproducibility



We successfully obtained an 0.18m gate MESFET with a high breakdown voltage (Vbd) of 7V, high current gain cut off frequency (fT) of 100 GHz, and sufficient transconductance (Gm) larger than 500mS/mm for high-speed front end ICs of optical communications. In addition, excellent uniformity and reproducibility of device characteristics, such as the standard deviation (std.) of threshold Voltage (Vth) across a 4-inch wafer of smaller than 35mV and the variation of Vth from wafer to wafer of smaller than 45 mV, were achieved. These results are comparable to those of P-HEMT and demonstrated that our ion-implanted MESFETs are suitable for low cost and high performance IC applications.



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