Deterministic Process Control Using a Multivariate Model

D. Miller

M/A-COM, Inc. Microwave Solutions Business Unit

5310 Valley Park Drive, Roanoke, VA 24019

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Circuit performance characteristics (Zs) are dependant on keeping physical device and process variables (Xs) in control, as reflected in DC and RF PCM characteristics (Ys), but the precise relationships between Xs, Ys, and Zs are not usually known. We have determined these relationships for one of our processes precisely by fitting the data (X, Y, Z) obtained from a full-factorial variational experiment to a simple linear additive multivariate model. Using this model, we can map the allowable variation in amplifier performance (Zs) back on to the critical device physical parameters (X: Implant dose, Lg, etc.) and determine what level of control is required to achieve high yields.



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