Trade-off Relationship between Breakdown and Gate-Lag in Recessed-Gate GaAs FETs

Y. Mitani, D. Kasai and K. Horio

Faculty of Systems Engineering, Shibaura Institute of Technology

307 Fukasaku, Saitama 330-8570, Japan (E-mail:, TEL: +81-48-687-5813)


Keywords: GaAs MESFET, breakdown, gate-lag, recessed-gate structure, surface state, impact ionization



Breakdown characteristics of recessed-gate GaAs MESFETs are studied by two-dimensional analysis including surface states and impact ionization of carriers. It is shown that the breakdown voltage could be rather lowered when introducing a narrowly-recessed-gate structure. Recess-parameter dependence of gate-lag (or slow current transients during turn-on) is also analyzed. It is shown that there may be a trade-off relationship between raising the breakdown voltage and reducing the gate-lag.



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