Life Tests and TDDB Life Prediction Modeling of 50 nm Silicon Nitride Capacitors

Gergana I. Drandova, John M. Beall, Kenneth D. Decker, Keith A. Salzman

TriQuint Semiconductor, 500 W Renner Road, Richardson, TX 75080, Email:, Phone: (972) 994-5766


Keywords: Silicon nitride, capacitor life time, TDDB, linear field model, Frenkel-Poole.



In this paper we report room temperature constant voltage life-time measurements of silicon nitride capacitors with 50 nm dielectric thickness for both voltage polarities. We show that the measured life times are longer than predicted by both the linear field model and a model based on dielectric conduction due to Frenkel-Poole emission from traps. Of the two models, the latter fits better the collected data. We point out areas for its improvement and provide additional measurements of leakage as a function of time and a calculation of total charge to failure. Life-time measurements at elevated temperatures were performed and showed an expected exponential behavior.



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