Process Optimization for 0.5 m Dual Recess PHEMT Power Amplifiers

Sabyasachi Nayak, Marcus King, Keith Salzman, John Beall

TriQuint Semiconductor Texas

TriQuint Semiconductor, 500 W Renner Road, Richardson, TX 75080, Email:, Phone: (972) 994-3957



The output power performance of 0.50 um dual recessed pHEMT MMICs designed with current limited load lines strongly depends on the RF current swing of the device. What might seem a sufficient DC Imax of a given sample might not necessarily indicate the intrinsic output power capability of the device. The position and electrochemistry of the wide recess surface were demonstrated as important factors governing the Pout performance of TriQuint's 0.50 um pHEMT MMICs. This paper will describe experiments that were executed to determine the impact of wide recess position and surface treatment on the intrinsic current limited output power of a 0.50 um PWRPHEMT device.



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