Comparison of InAlAs/InP Hetero-interface Properties -MBE vs. MOCVD-

Misao Takakusaki, Hajime Momoi, Kouji Kakuta and Hirofumi Nakata

Nikko Materials Co., Ltd.

3-17-35 Niizo-Minami, Toda-shi, Saitama, 335-8502, Japan

Phone: 81-48-433-2062, e-mail:


Keywords: MBE, MOCVD, InP, hetero-interface



InAlAs/InP hetero-interface grown by MBE was compared with that grown by MOCVD from the viewpoints of structural and electrical properties by using Grazing Incidence X-ray reflectometer and C-V method. The etching experiments on a thin InP layer were also made to examine the influence of the interface properties on the etching selectivity. It was revealed that the abruptness of InAlAs/InP interface grown by MBE was better than that grown by MOCVD if the special interface formation process was not employed. In the case of MOCVD epitaxial layer, it was suggested that the transition layer was formed at InAlAs to InP interface and this layer might affect not only electrical properties but also etching process of InP etch-stop layer.



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